Punch Excision Surgery For Facial Acne Scar Treatment

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Those suffering from acne know how difficult it is to deal with the problem on an everyday basis. There are many ways to treat this problem. The most common facial acne scar treatment methods are creams and antibiotics. However, in case of severe acne, surgery can be used to correct the problem. One surgical technique is the punch excision method.

In the Punch Excision method, deep scars are rectified using the punch biopsy tool. Mostly this form of surgery is used to treat icepick acne scars. The tool size is matched with the scar so that it can be correctly removed. Anesthesia is given during the surgical process and the scar is removed through the tool. Edges of the skin are sutured together and in the course of time surgical scar disappears. This facial acne scar treatment surgery is a very effective way of treating deep scars.

Another form of this surgery is the punch excision with skin graft replacement. Acne scar is removed as with the punch tool, but skin edges are not stitched together. Skin taken from behind the ear is used to fill the scar hole. Patients can notice the area where surgery is performed to be different from the other areas, but skin resurfacing technique can be effectively used to resolve this.

Another surgical technique that falls in the same line as the punch excision technique is the punch elevation method. This method is correct for deep boxcar scars. Usually such scars will have a normal bases but the area surrounding scar is enormously sharp. The pinch tool is used to remove scar base and it is elevated to skin surface and sutured. This is quite an effective method of treatment deep acne scars as it leaves no color or texture problem on skin. Scars seen after surgical treatment are not as visible here as seen before.

Punch Excision method is effective facial acne scar treatment for those with deep icepick scars. The method used will depend on scar depth. It’s important to have a full discussion with your doctor so that you are aware of all details of the treatment process before opting for it.